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  Footprint Of Textiles  
20-21-22 November 2019

Bursa Academic Chambers Association Campus


Aim & Scope


Textile and Leather sectors which have most polluting effect on world ecosystem, are industrial fields  attracting most intensive researches and studies on sustainability. Fast increase in World population and rapid changes in fashion are two main factors causing production increase. However many topics like  harmful chemical substances, high level energy and water consumption, waste gas emissions stand as a problem in front of environmental sustainability. Researchers have focused on developing new technologies, new raw material resources and new chemical agents to overcome these problems. In proportion to the increase in production, the amount of waste material also increases. As a result of this, processing and management of the wastes (reducing, reuse and recycling) are gaining more importance.

All actors along the supply chain have a role to play in reducing the environmental footprint of textile products. Researches  on the development of sustainable textiles and their production methods continue with increasing speed. For improving the overall environmental footprint of textiles over their entire life-cycle and supply chain;

What can we do together?

17th National 3rd International Symposium on Recent  Developments in Textile Technology and Chemistry will be held on 20-22 November 2019 at Bursa, where all these issues and the more will be discussed.  We would be pleased to welcome you to our symposium in which we aim to bring together all the stakeholders in the field. Let's give the answer to the question 'what can we do together?’.



 UCTEA Chamber Of Chemical Engineers   UCTEA Chamber Of Textile Engineers